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Photoshoot Checklist

Dear Home Seller,


Did you know that the MLS photographs of your home account for the most important first impression when Buyers are looking for homes to buy?  This checklist will help you by making your home photo shoot ready and more attractive to potential buyers.

Living Area

☐  De-Clutter (dining tables, desks, end tables, bedside tables, children’s toys)

☐  Remove small picture frames

☐  Lighten up rooms by adding light coloured cushions, throws, area rugs etc.

☐  Ensure all lightbulbs are working and have the same colour hue (including lamps)

☐  Hide unattractive views with semi-sheer curtains

☐  Open all blinds, drapes and curtains (unless they are hiding an ugly view)


☐  Remove all rugs and bath mats (unless they add nice colour to the décor)

☐  Remove all towels (unless they add a nice colour to the décor)

☐  Ensure the toilet seat in down

☐  Remove all toiletries from the counter (bottles, shampoo, paste, toothbrushes etc.)

☐  Remove any toilet paper not on the toilet paper roll

Front and Back Yard

☐  Remove and store all toys and other misc. items

☐  Move garbage bags, recycling bins and hoses to an area that you know will not be photographed

☐  Remove all signs from the yard (alarm, dog)

☐  Move car out of the driveway

☐  Complete yard maintenance (lawn mowing, planting flowers)


Please complete everything on the checklist before we arrive not when we are already at your home.




Due to safety precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic we ask that nobody be in the home when we are doing the shoot and also that all lights are turned.  Ensure everything is in it's place as we won't be moving or touching anything.


Thank You!

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