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If you are a working professional that involves "selling yourself" to clients, it becomes very important to have the best portrait or headshot done by a professional photographer.

There are different styles of portrait photography, but it can broadly categorized into studio or outdoor portraits. Both styles have their pros and cons. Ultimately it will come down to sitting and discussing with your photographer on what will be the best route.

- Outdoor Portraits

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This type of portrait photography style involves doing photoshoot outdoors rather than indoors. The photographer uses the soft natural ambient light to his advantage to create beautiful portraits. Sometimes the photographer can combine ambient light with flash to create even more dramatic look.

Advantages of Outdoor Portraits

- Natural light creates natural looking portraits

- Colour tones are flattering

- No need of expensive backdrops if you can find natural backdrops !

- Its free !

Disadvantages of Outdoor Portraits

- Sometimes a sunny day can mess up the "soft" look that you need for a portrait.

- Since you are dependent on nature to control the lighting, its really easy to mess up.

- You are very limited with your shooting times as it can change with the weather.

- Studio Portraits

This type of portrait photography is done in a studio. The Photographer has 100% control over the lighting. Photographer is able to create beautiful photos when he/she knows how the lighting is going to behave.

Advantages of Studio Portraits

- Photographer has complete control over the lighting

- Its easy to achieve the "look" you want for your portraits

- Can be done anytime (winters with -30 degrees outside or summers with +30 degrees)

Disadvantages of Studio Portraits

- Expensive as the lighting setup isn't cheap

- A dedicated space is needed to setup a studio

- Inexperienced photographer can mess up the shoot

We at The 3rd Eye Photography, specialize in Headshots and Portraits. We have a dedicated studio with top of the line lighting and cameras. We will provide you with the best quality photos. Call us at 778.951.3393 or email us at

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